Let’s face it –there are a whole lot of pools in Florida. Unfortunately, most of those pools will eventually leak. As a leak detection company, we are inundated every fall with calls from people wondering if they have a pool leak. Is this because evaporation rates are higher in the fall/winter, or is it something else?

One thing we know for certain in Florida during the hot summer months is that we can expect quite a bit of rain. Which also means the brutal humidity is constantly at extreme levels. The temperatures often climb to the mid 90’s and sometimes higher! Generally speaking, more heat = more evaporation. In a sub-tropical climate like Florida we have to factor in humidity. Relative humidity (RH) can have an adverse effect on evaporation. When RH is high, evaporation rates will decrease.  Add some free thunderstorm refills a few times a week and it might be very difficult to tell if your pool is leaking.

During the fall and winter months in Florida we underdo some pretty drastic temperature changes. The biggest change we typically see is that the rains stop. When your pool isn’t constantly being refilled by Mother Nature it becomes your job. It’s easy to begin questioning yourself; after all, you haven’t had to add water in three months or more. Normal evaporation for this time of year is around 1/8” and as high as ¼” per day. To put that into perspective, evaporation can be as high as 1.75” per week. Heated pools or spas can exceed those numbers too. During the fall and winter months we also see a massive decrease in humidity and extreme cold fronts that can produce heavy winds. All these factors play a role in evaporation rate of loss.


The best DIY way to determine if your pool is in fact leaking is to conduct a bucket test. This test allows you to measure the evaporation loss inside a bucket vs. your pool. We have step-by-step instructions on the bucket test on our blog page. Once you’ve completed your bucket test you should have a better idea on whether or not your pool has a leak.  If you’re on the cusp of exceeding normal evaporation it might be beneficial to have a leak detection expert come out and provide peace of mind. The earlier you catch the leak the less potential it has of growing or costing you more money. Florida Leak Locators is always here to help answer any pool/spa leak questions or concerns.


We’re committed to loyalty to our customers. That’s why we’ve been successfully servicing the state of Florida for over 20 years. Our dedicated team of professionals treat you and your property with the utmost respect. We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service matched by unparalleled expertise and knowledge when it comes to pool leaks and repairs.

What We Do - Florida Leak Locators

FLL uses highly sensitive underwater audio equipment to listen to all the fittings, main drains, lights and other features in your pool and/or spa. This helps our highly skilled technicians determine where the pool leak or leaks are located.

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The vast majority of leaks can be fixed at no additional charge when we conduct the initial leak test. If your leak is under the pool deck, we will pin-point the break, mark the area and give you a written estimate on the cost of the repairs.

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Don’t let a swimming pool crack go unchecked! If you are losing water and suspect a structural crack is your problem then it needs to be stabilized as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Putting a “band-aid” on a major problem…

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The vast majority of leaks can be fixed at no additional charge when we conduct the initial leak test.