Leak detection is not something we typically consider when we’re purchasing a new home or own an existing home with a pool. In fact, the maintenance and upkeep can be quite challenging without a problematic leak. Pools inspire the thought of joyous backyard barbecues and relaxation. Unfortunately,  there’s a popular saying in the pool industry that we tell all too often. In Florida, we have two kinds of pools…those that leak, and those that are going to leak.


What To Do

If you suspect your pool is losing water due to a leak, there is a great DIY bucket test you can conduct before you contact the professionals. Checkout our bucket test blog for step by step instructions to test for a pool leak. 

What’s Normal Evaporation?

In Florida our average normal pool or spa evaporation rate should not exceed ¼ inch per day.  The seasonal changes can affect your evaporation rates as well as humidity and rainfall.

What’s Next?

You’ve conducted your bucket test and your pool is losing more than the normal evaporation rate. In other words, you have a leak. Now it’s time to contact the professionals – Florida Leak Locators. We have over 20 years leak detection and repair experience with a highly rated reputation to match that.

What We Do

We have experienced technicians that will use electronic listening devices to listen to all your fittings, main drains, and lights. FLL will conduct a full surface inspection and check all the plumbing lines going between the equipment and the pool. If any of those tests indicate a problem with the plumbing lines we’ll close off the ends of the line and pressurize them. This will allow us to pinpoint within a small area where the issues in the lines are.

Bottom Line

Contact a licensed professional to locate and repair your swimming pool or spa leak. Verify their online reputation and see if leak detection is something they specialize in or offer as an additional service. It’s extremely important when choosing your leak detection specialists that you choose a credible company – your pool depends on it!


We’re committed to loyalty to our customers. That’s why we’ve been successfully servicing the state of Florida for over 20 years. Our dedicated team of professionals treat you and your property with the utmost respect. We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service matched by unparalleled expertise and knowledge when it comes to pool leaks and repairs.

What We Do - Florida Leak Locators

FLL uses highly sensitive underwater audio equipment to listen to all the fittings, main drains, lights and other features in your pool and/or spa. This helps our highly skilled technicians determine where the pool leak or leaks are located.

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The vast majority of leaks can be fixed at no additional charge when we conduct the initial leak test. If your leak is under the pool deck, we will pin-point the break, mark the area and give you a written estimate on the cost of the repairs.

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Don’t let a swimming pool crack go unchecked! If you are losing water and suspect a structural crack is your problem then it needs to be stabilized as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Putting a “band-aid” on a major problem…

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The vast majority of leaks can be fixed at no additional charge when we conduct the initial leak test.